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OPED VACOpedes is the modern standard of care for metatarsal/forefoot/midfoot injuries. A light and very stable plastic shell provides the orthosis with the necessary stability and the best possible freedom of movement.


OPED VACOpedes – The individual solution for forefoot/midfoot/metatarsal injuries

  • VACOpedes is a short fracture boot / cam walker
  • Designed to ensure quick recovery from forefoot/midfoot/metatarsal injuries
  • Features unique vacuum cushion technology – a vacuum cushion encased in a light plastic shell can be adjusted to every shape of the foot and all types of swellings or deformities
  • Becomes strong and stable like a cast when air is removed from the cushion, and cast strength can be adjusted to accommodate swelling of atrophy
  • Adjustment procedure can be repeated as often as required, and the VACOpedes can be taken off for advanced physiotherapy
  • Vacuum cushion technology is clinically proven to get patients back to work up to 24 days sooner than traditional fiberglass casts
  • German engineered and manufactured, featuring a unique plastic shell design
  • OPED VACOpedes is the modern standard of care for ankle and foot rehabilitation from injury and/or surgery



  • Highly adjustable – flexible, precise and multiple adjustment controls:
    • Adjustable foot width to best fit patients with large feet, or to adapt to patients who have edema
    • Moveable toe plate to lengthen the plantar foot bed, to accommodate people with longer feet
    • Detachable sole to keep street dirt out of beds and off furniture
  • Very comfortable:
    • Vacuum cushion providing equal and firm support
    • Hand held air pump removes air from the cushion to strengthen it like a cast
    • Patients have the ability to adjust the cushion/cast strength by the amount of air removed
  • Hygienic:
    • Comes with removable cloth covers to cover air cushion and provide foot comfort
    • Cloth covers are washable for increased hygiene
    • Sole can be removed at bed time so you can sleep with the cast on, and not bring dirt to bed
  • Itch free – easily and rapidly removed and replaced
  • Rocker sole – outstanding pressure distribution, safe and physiological gait
  • Lightweight and stable – German engineered plastic shell which is durable
  • Environmentally friendly – units are reusable
  • Waterproof – can be used in water during recreation or rehabilitation activities


Recovery for the following injuries

  • Forefoot fractures
  • Midfoot fractures
  • Ligament tears
  • Metatarsal fractures
  • Hallux valgus/rigidus
  • Arthrodeses of the toe joints
  • Hammer tow and claw toe
  • Lapidus-Operation


Inclusions with package

  • OPED VACOpedes fracture boot
  • Vacuum air cushion
  • Small hand held air pump, removes air from the cushion which turns it into a strong cast (strength is adjustable)
  • 2x washable cloth liners, covers the air cushion and provides foot comfort


Sizing information

Sizes: Small Medium Large
EUR 35 – 39 39 – 44 44 – 50
UK 2.5 – 5,5 5.5 – 9.5 9.5 – 14
US (male) 3.5 – 6.5 6.5 – 10.5 10.5 – 15
US (female) 4.5 – 7.5 7.5 – 11.5 11.5 – 16

Youtube videos for OPED VACOpedes application


About OPED – German engineered products

Replacing the uncomfortable plaster cast with a light vacuum splint was the vision the OPED founders Andreas Hassler and Prof. Dr. Peter Habmayer. Their vision became reality in 1993 when the OPED VACOped – still the most successful OPED product, even today – came onto the market.

Around 280 staff design, develop, produce and distribute OPED products in more than 20 countries. OPED products are currently used in about 2,000 hospitals, clinics and O&P shops throughout Germany. In 2007 around 100, 000 patients had been treated with VACO®ped after fractures, ligament or tendon injuries on the lower leg and foot, making OPED the market leader in Germany in this category. OPED has subsidiaries in Switzerland, the USA, UK, Australia and China, and distributes products throughout Europe and Japan.

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1 reviews
  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Paul Dakin

    I purchased this product after I sustained a mid foot fracture as I needed a light, support to focus specifically on the foot and ankle after trying several other mid calf & knee length moon boot options. I found it both excellent for supporting my injury & very light weight so it was much easier for me to walk around. The option of both an inflatable & soft cloth inners was also nice to take me through the stages of recovery from the fracture. I used the boot to travel overseas to Hawaii & found it an excellent boot in hot weather & would highly recommend this product specifically for any foot fractures as it focuses support specifically on the foot area & is much less cumbersome than other mid calf or knee length moon boots.

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